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What can you expect from Accounts Payable Automation?


Free expert analysis and report so you know what to expect & resources required

Accounts Payable Automation promises increased control and decreased effort in processing paper and electronic invoices. From scanning to approvals, the benefits can be huge.
So are you too big or too small to realize these benefits? If you invest a few hours with us, we will share a customized and unique report for your organization with:


  • Time and financial rewards your organization can expect
  • Technology requirements for the project
  • Resource demands
  • Steps needed to get started

Offer valid until September 30, 2014


Fingerprints Solve the Crime of Wasted Time

As you know, fingerprints are your unique identifier. In the process of A/P automation, a document can also be fingerprinted so that each time a supplier sends an invoice, your solution automatically IDs who it is, the date, the invoice number, the products/services being invoices along with the quantities & amounts.
That means your team spends less time keying in data. Invoices are then reconciled against POs or routed for approval.
It also means invoices can be paid within hours instead of days or weeks.
Your team will have time for other tasks.
Who knew fingerprints could mean so much!
A few little details:

  • Integrates with most ECM platforms
  • Can be integrated to your accounting system
  • ROI generally seen within first year
  • Complete end to end solutions available
  • Rules based architecture
  • Scalable to support high document volumes


Invoices are processed within hours instead of weeks”

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