Compelling ECM Trends in 2014

Want to know what to keep your eye on this year? Of course cloud is a hot topic that gets a lot of discussion, and its impact on ECM will be felt increasingly this year. But on its tail we are starting to see something new and exciting, Cognitive Systems.
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Trend: Cloud Adoption Matures

  • Subscription models that are easier to budget but can slide under executive and IT radars
  • Fast and cheaper deployments leading to earlier ROI but can create silos of information
  • A good way for business departments to meet rising pressures for efficiencies but are often deployed without due consideration for enterprise needs, long-term sustainment or good governance

We’ve already seen some impacts with the likes of DropBox and Google Drive, surfacing some hidden costs that aren’t typically considered.


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Trend: Cognitive Systems Emerge from the Lab

With data volume and variety growing at an astounding rate, and so much of it in unstructured formats, it’s increasingly difficult to make truly informed decisions or analysis of a situation. This is what’s driving IBM’s vision of Watson. Watson provides a natural and efficient way of sifting through countless content sources to give you the knowledge you absolutely need.


By combining advanced features found in natural language processing, dynamic learning and hypothesis generation, IBM is starting to open up Watson as a potentially transformative business platform for you to access. Whether that’s capturing the tacit knowledge in your workforce, or helping solve medical issues, Watson, and systems like it, are moving into the mainstream.


Learn how these trends impact ECM, your business, and what can be done to prepare yourself to take advantage of them as they emerge.
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