ECM Rapid Assessment


Take the Fastest Route to a Clear ECM Roadmap!

Do you have ECM tools, know where you want to get to, but don’t know how to get there or where to start?
The ECM Rapid Assessment is designed to provide you with a high-level but clear ECM Roadmap, strategy and set of tactics. This services package is intended to rapidly deliver a high-level report that will assist with generating business cases and for communicating your ECM program and vision to steering committees, senior leadership and other stakeholders.
Leveraging your team, RKO will review and analyze your current ECM state, overall business objectives, opportunities for ECM business value and ECM challenges to overcome. The findings from this activity will be used to generate an ECM Roadmap along with strategies and quick-win tactics to achieve your ECM business objectives.
Included with this report will be an overview of the business benefits and returns that can be earned from implementing the roadmap. In addition, RKO will present tactical “quick wins” that can be immediately implemented to begin realizing value.
To help contain costs and deliver rapidly, RKO uses its internal templates and leverages your resources to obtain information already gathered.
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The Rapid Assessment Approach

1. Discovery: RKO will require an understanding of your technical ECM landscape, types of documents you manage and overall business needs for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The objective is to understand what the current state is along with what the desired future state may be for ECM. RKO may also want to understand your:

  • Key business objectives
  • Corporate culture
  • Major initiatives and other key inputs

The discovery is intended as a high-level exercise to generate enough information to clarify an ECM vision, formulate your roadmap, a program cost consideration
report and information around the next step. Upon completion of the review, further information will be gathered through a workshop with your Business Solutions team.
2. Analysis & Creation of Deliverables:
The RKO team will review the data and formulate the deliverables. Your key staff will be involved in this process and have ample opportunity for input before the final deliverables are presented.
3. Presentation of Deliverables:
As the deliverables are finalized they will be presented to your team by RKO consultants. Further feedback will be encouraged and final refinements added into the report(s).

The Rapid Assessment Deliverables

The following are delivered in one or more documents and their contents summarized in a presentation.

  • Discovery Findings: High-level summary of the information gathered by RKO, an overview of our analysis and the impact to your organization.
  • Opportunities Heat Map: High-level summary of the opportunities for ECM, risk mitigation, business streamlining and business enhancements that may be
    possible with the use of your existing and future tools.
  • High-level ECM Roadmap & Strategy: High-level description of the desired future state, how you will get there from the current state, associated timelines, resource requirements and a program cost consideration report for budgetary purposes
  • Detailed Scope for Next Key Step/Phase: Includes immediate tactical steps you can take to generate short-term value and momentum.


The ECM Rapid Assessment a fixed price engagement at $18,000 (plus applicable taxes & travel)
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