Email Management Beyond Archiving


Effective email retention can be easy, really.

Archiving can create as many problems as it solves – and is no longer necessary. Email management is understanding how messages are used and how they can be segmented. We’ve made this easy with a 3 “zone” approach. As demonstrated in the following diagram, emails required for legal holds, that have business utility or that need to be kept as a “record” amount to a small proportion of emails for archiving. The rest can legally be trashed and should be. Why? There is legal risk and significant storage costs with over retention.


PST files don’t cut it

Engineering and the management of large capital projects is challenging and exacting work requiring constant diligence due to safety, public scrutiny and increased regulatory requirements. Documentation is a key aspect and emails are often overlooked. However, they play a critical role in how managers arrive at decisions and pass information both internally and externally. Capturing the context and content of these conversations is crucial for project management. Be it a discussion around the use of materials or the nuances of a contract, when combined with other documents your email can provide key context when it’s needed most.

Engineers, Procurement, Project Managers and CEOs all receive and communicate critical business information each day. But attempts to effectively file email have typically fallen short. Personal filing in PSTs creates an offline risk to the organization, while archiving everything files critical content along with junk mail making it increasingly difficult to locate over time, and certainly disconnected from the business process.

At RKO, we are experts in deploying technology that easily allows employees to capture emails and file them appropriately with little effort and directly from Outlook, Office 365 or Lotus Notes using a virtual 3-Zone approach that can be adapted for your organizations particular needs. These “virtual zones” can be broken down as follows:
Records Zone

Emails under this category must be retained to comply with legal, business or regulatory requirements. They get securely archived to the corporate repository and full support for event-based records is provided.
Working Zone

These are emails that many not be “records” but they do have longer term value to the user. Emails auto or manually tagged as “working emails” remain controlled by the user as they continue to hold content that is important to them. They can be kept indefinitely or removed after a specific timeline or event.
Transient Zone

This zone include the “ROT” (Redundant, Outdated and Trivial) email. Most email ends ups here. It can be set up to be automatically deleted or deleted after a specific period of time.

Key Value

The main reasons why our clients invest in this solution are:

  • Easily access all project related information whether it’s a work authorization document from management, design report from the construction team or if you need to refer to a bid from procurement – no matter who’s inbox it’s in.
  • Manage personal legal litigation – email is considered a legal record when used to make or communicate key decisions or concepts.
  • Know emails related to each project are properly classified should you need to retrieve for your knowledge, for the company or for an audit.
  • To ensure project related emails are secure so that only authorized people can see them.
  • All the above emails and documents can also be automatically disposed of following a time frame set out by your records managers.


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I feel a lot better knowing I can access all project related docs & emails without trying to hound my team.”



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Compliance Stakeholders

Records Managers

  • Ability to manage email as a record
  • Users can easily and proactively declare their own records within their email system
  • Large email volumes now adhere to governance requirements
  • Face audits and eDiscovery with greater confidence
  • Pair with Content Insights to enforce RM policies


  • eDiscovery significantly more efficient
  • Chain of custody improved
  • Legal holds enforceable
  • Compliance achieved
  • Over retention risks reduced
  • Secures unrelated info that could have been exposed


  • Storage costs & space can be reduced
  • Reduced eDiscovery requests
  • Improved disaster recovery options
  • Improved inbox management
  • Over retention risks reduced
  • Secures unrelated info that could have been exposed

Engineers | Project Managers

  • Improved customer management
  • Enhanced capturing of records to meet tightening FERC regulations
  • Decisions via email get captured reducing eDiscovery risk and costs
  • Superior search of email correspondences increases productivity
  • Project documentation more complete
  • Secures unrelated info that could have been exposed



Content Insights | StoredIQ Demo

Watch the short video on managing email files & discovered credit card #s via Content Insights | StoredIQ

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