Paperless Solutions for Canadian Financial Institutions


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for Canadian financial institutions support the four pillars of financial services:


  • Retail banking
  • Investing
  • Lending
  • Insurance


RKO’s solutions help banks and credit unions improve their processes, provide better member service and increase upselling opportunities.


Member Centered

Digitizing and automating the Member Origination process is a significant opportunity for fast wins and positive exposure with both members, staff and executives. Paper use is eliminated with the use of smart electronic forms and digital signatures. With faster electronic processing, more time is available to better understand member needs, cross sell the right products and therefore better align services with corporate goals. Electronic Member Origination leads the way to full Digital Member Files, the core to modern and efficient processes.


Centralized Services

Many processes can be automated when the right tools are in place.


  • Investment services
  • Lending
  • Auditing
  • Administration

Workflow automation ensures your team spends time on higher value activities.



ECM solutions enhance your lending processes by automating manual paper based tasks. Managing the paperwork, funding and auditing are all processes ripe for automation and streamlining. Electronic processing and easy rules engines can get paperwork into the hands of central lending in minutes vs. days. ECM checks and balances catch errors before the documents and the member leave the branch. Rules based systems focus Auditors on high risk loans and exceptions only, creating big opportunities for streamlining security and underwriting audits. The result is faster processing, cost savings and lower risk.




ECM isn’t just for improving the client experience, it can also improve internal processes like:


  • Contract management
  • Human resources
  • Accounts payable
  • Collaboration
  • Accounts receivable
  • Fraud mitigation
  • eMail archiving
  • Physical storage reduction



Storing & managing documents electronically provides efficiencies and superior control for compliance and content disposition. Workflows that are systematic, consistent and auditable provide peace of mind for credit union executives that regulations and internal policy are followed.


  • Payment alterations
  • Renewals
  • Mortgage payouts
  • Audit underwriting
  • Security audits


Before, we had people with more than 15 years’ experience processing routine transactions. IBM Enterprise Content Management solutions alleviate representatives of these tasks so they can better present our value proposition,” says Fred Cook, North Shore Credit Union. “Our goal is to turn data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for Canadian credit unions support the four pillars of financial services:

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