Gartner Positions IBM as ECM Leader


Seeing IBM’s commitment to reducing complexity & deployment times in its ECM offering – Gartner places IBM as leader in the ECM space over competitors like Microsoft, Opentext, Hyland and EMC. Gartner’s quadrant focused on both ability to execute and overall product vision. What vision brought them to the top? IBM strives to intersect social, mobile, content management and analytics so that tools are valuable to all stakeholders in an organization.


IBM’s new FileNet P8 repository has combined three engines, process, content and app, into one. RKO leverages these visionary tools to build mission critical solutions for our customers. Our solutions go beyond simply storing documents and email, today analytical engines can automatically tag documents for easier searching, and provide the ability to discern what documents you can safely dispose of in order to reduce your storage costs. All good features if you are trying to get your network shares or other sources of documents under control.


IBM’s global presence denotes their solutions are built for multinational enterprises – meaning they scale and are robust. To learn more about RKO’s solutions and to get the full Gartner report, complete the following form:

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