Integrate people, processes and policies across government agencies

Tired of client centric systems that actually make employees’ jobs harder? For some, it is dealing with the shuffling of paper, for others, the bottomless pit of approval bottlenecks. A better solution would be to integrate the way they actually work with client systems to provide smoother and more successful outcomes.

RKO’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) enables workers to access the content they need when they need it regardless of whether it’s a form, document, image or email – any content that assists them in getting the job done, and to expose that content in a process that eliminates the bottlenecks. Content can reside within different IT systems and be managed by your system of record so that processes happen automatically – including approvals, contributions and content reviews. With technology moving things along – workers have more time to add value along the way and not just “get by”.
New solutions offer greater collaboration between government agencies to improve visibility & greater transparency – which is increasingly requested by constituents.
Enhanced executive reporting and dashboards provide insight for improved decision making. Executives gain greater control over the data which can assist in compliance controls – ensuring audits and FOI requests go more smoothly. Integrated information infrastructure also provides enhanced compliance with regulatory and privacy mandates.
Based on IBM technology that services over 1,300 government agencies, our solutions offer the flexibility, transparency and process improvement government groups need now.
RKO’s solutions can help government organizations:

  • Secure access to documents and information via the web, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Respond to constituent requests within minutes rather than weeks
  • Enable compliance with strict privacy regulations
  • Increase transparency and accessibility to information by providing self-serve options to citizens and other agencies
  • Reduced costs with increase process efficiency
  • Reduced storage costs and ensure all critical content can be found when and where needed



I’m a bit surprised at how flexible it is and how much more quickly our documents get updated.”


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