Greater ROI From ECM With Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or the use of software “robots” of “Bots” to speed up, standardize and automate repeatable business processes has gone mainstream. Historically, this has been tied to moving, or performing simple manipulation to, structured data from various sources such as legacy systems, ERP, databases, spreadsheets, and websites. Another advantage of Bots compared to a traditional programmatic approach is time. Time to value has played a major role in driving RPA adoption.
As RPA evolved, Bots became increasingly capable of applying logic and business rules to transform this data into useful information such as compiling raw financial data from disparate sources into a report for financial audits. This level of sophistication meant that RPA could, in many cases, be used in place of BPM (Business Process Management) and simultaneously replace integrations.
Given the overlap between ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPM, it’s not surprising that organizations started looking hard at how to leverage RPA for content centric processes. Content could be migrated, tagged, sorted, and actioned using an army of Bots. ECM and RPA are complementary technologies in much the same way as ECM and other process automation tools. The key differences are the flexibility, scalability, and time to value of solutions built with RPA.
Beyond migrations and integrations, Bots can help to collect, manage, govern, and ingest unstructured content in combination with traditional ECM products. While RPA is not a standalone solution, or a replacement for more traditional content management systems, its ability to intelligently interact with more analytical services makes it a powerful tool for filling in the gaps. Bots can enhance a traditional ECM strategy by helping humans to proactively add content to repositories from a variety of external and internal sources.
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