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Cleaning up Data Debris to Reduce Storage and Risk


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68% of the electronic content you’re storing is unnecessary debris that can be disposed. Effectively managing this data will reduce your data storage costs and the associated risks.


For most, differentiating between important content and debris can be difficult. Consider the following statistics for most companies:


  • 1% of data is on litigation hold
  • 5% is subject to regulatory obligation
  • 25% has current or future business value

The rest can be legally disposed of. The result is:

  • Storage savings of 50% (typically equates to 10% of an IT annual budget)
  • Discovery cost reductions

RKO has solutions that provide scalable management & analysis of email, file shares, desktops and collaboration sites. Our solutions can rapidly analyze high volumes of unstructured data and can be configured to automatically collect it for eDiscovery purposes or disposition in accordance with compliance and regulatory needs.




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