ECM Solutions for Manufacturing



Remove paper and increase productivity

There are valuable documents continuously moving around your organization, most of which are being mismanaged. We know this because we see it every day. Invoices bound for your Accounts Payable taking weeks to process. Emails carrying key decisions lost or stored in inaccessible locations. Contracts and approval processes delayed because of invisible bottlenecks.
Today’s ECM solutions not only remove the challenge of storing millions of documents, but keep them safe and accessible in ways that will make your team more productive and effective in their jobs.
Content like:

  • Manufacturing recipes, designs and processes
  • HR employee files
  • AP invoice processing
  • Customer service CRM communications
  • Operating procedures
  • Executive minutes
  • ISO compliance support
  • Marketing content control
  • Impact reports, (e.g. environmental, product, etc)

RKO’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions offer manufacturers insight into information, processes and compliance initiatives to ensure operations & offices are coordinated and will meet auditor requirements. In addition, enhanced executive dashboards improve decision making.


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