Nov 19 Webinar: Email Management Beyond Archiving

Is Email a Legal Record?

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Only 5% of them are but which 5%? With thousands of messages moving through your organization, sifting out the records from transitory or irrelevant conversations is a huge challenge. Yet email continues to be the “smoking gun” in corporate litigation.
Efforts to get users to file away all their messages almost always fail because of poor planning. But leading Canadian organizations have been implementing RKO’s email management solution because of its “3 zone“ approach. Tools allow users to quickly identify and automatically deal with emails that are the exception (records) and manage the rest (working, transient and irrelevant messages).
Our innovative capabilities allow email “filers or pilers” to automatically manage email in a unified, collaborative and secure repository without major changes to their work day.
Join our short 30 min webinar this November 19th to gain a better understanding of RKO’s 3 zone approach and how it’s different than typical archiving technology.

Get a handle on email and dispose of debris


When: Tues Nov 19, 2014
Time: 10amPST
Length: 30 minutes


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