Video: Simple and Compliant Email Management

Why pay for huge email storage or eDiscovery costs when you don’t have to? It’s time to reduce your costs and unlock the knowledge trapped within your corporate inboxes.


Most organizations today either have rapidly expanding email system or rapidly expanding archives, both of which become a huge burden and cost to IT and legal. This is not necessary!
Begin taking a proactive approach to email management – one that is not burdensome and focuses on the value of each message. This video addresses the critical need in today’s enterprises to keep the email that is important for business and legal obligations, while eliminating the costs and risks associated with poor retention of email.
In this video, you will learn:
•          How to unlock valuable email information that is inside your corporate repositories
•          How users can participate in the process without changing their daily routines
•          Why “hands-off” or “burdensome” approaches don’t work
•          Email retention best practices
•          How to stop just “archiving” and start truly “managing” email
RKO and Integro will demonstrate email management software so you can see it in action. Learn why “keeping it all” is not the answer!
Duration: 30 minutes
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