Webinar: Why Financial Service Organizations are Using Case Management


Developing customer trust & revenue through quality service, seamless client on-boarding and unified issue resolution is what can make or break your company. While there are plenty of tools available to manage these processes, only the latest generation of Advanced Case Management tools allow for the ad-hoc activities inevitably required. They allow you to gather information and gain approvals from a variety of sources in the most expedient way possible so that you can provide a superior customer experience.

If you are looking for a competitive edge – this webinar is for you. We will demonstrate how Advanced Case Management:

– Is significantly different from workflow solutions
– Helps one-call resolutions centers provide better customer service by ensuring all of the required information is readily at their fingertips
– Can improve sales by improving cross-sell & upsell opportunities when all customer details are available to authorized individuals
– Can help lenders automate loan-processing and provide a 360° view into each loan’s status for other client managers


This technology excels where business activity is driven by exceptions, rather than following the same set or rigid steps. For example, for customer issues/disputes, complex credit granting, special pricing requests, fee amnesty, fraudulent transactions and identity theft. Without Case Management your fragmented infrastructure makes it difficult to ensure legal and regulatory compliance – Advanced Case Management brings all related people and content together where and when needed.

Join us on October 23rd to learn more!

Date: Oct 23, 2013
Time: 10amPST/1pmEST
Duration: 30 minutes
Banking has long known that effective case management is essential to customer trust and revenue. Advanced case management helps ensure quality service, process improvements, best of breed issue resolution and supports legal and regulatory compliance.

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