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ECM Solutions for the Energy Sector

Ever growing regulations in the oil and gas industry increases the need for solid Content Management practices. This goes beyond document collaboration, storage, accessibility, disposition and search. It requires proactive policies to ensure people are accessing correct content when new regulations or processes necessitate it. And in a large company this happens hundreds of times each day.
The situation is compounded by the multitude of projects and contractors giving need for an auditable record of what has been said, promised or contracted to who, when and for what. Without these records the organization is challenged to meet quality controls, contractual or regulatory requirements.


Content Insights


Projects generate a lot of data – structured and unstructured content. When a project is complete, the risk doesn’t end. Content insights allows all forms of data related to projects, whether from email, file shares, desktops or collaboration sites, to be managed and effectively disposed of when appropriate. With the constant sprawl of SharePoint sites, many oil and gas companies are finding it difficult to keep up with where their data is, what’s of value, what is required for litigation and what can be disposed of. With our Content Insights solution your organization will see substantial savings in data storage costs and risks are better mitigated by meeting compliance obligations more effectively.


Document control for capital projects and asset operations is essential as regulators, shareholders and consumers demand increased transparency. With the right ECM solution, not only can reports, drawings, data sheets, warranties and specifications be managed following the most current procedures, but approvals can take place electronically, versions tracked and end uses will access the right document for each situation.


Finding the information you need quickly & with accuracy improves research & development aptitude, bid competitiveness, capital project efficiency and can reduce non-productive work time.
Whether dealing with facility upgrades and assets or ECM solutions for water and waste management, conventional and renewable power generation, transmission, distribution, operations or maintenance. A well designed ECM system provides good governance and a valuable corporate asset


Referring to the incorrect contract, sub contract or SOW can be a million dollar mistake when it comes to capital projects. But contract management is not just about supplier relationships and agreements, with the right ECM solution, the whole contract lifecyle can be managed. These solutions can automate and manage various stages of the contract lifecycle from creation, execution and renegotiation of contracts and amendments, through performance monitoring, analysis and renewal. When implemented properly, ECM enables you to capture more revenue opportunities; improve supplier, partner and vendor relationships; and mitigate risks.

Incident Response & Prevention

Short down times can have a large economic impact. Ensuring your team has the right documentation at the right time and on sight (mobile) will ensure assets are up and running in the shortest time possible. When following the latest procedures with engineering drawings or material safety sheets on site, mistakes are reduced and safety enhanced. We can even deploy analytics to identify root causes and prevent recurrences.

Accounts Payable

Scanning all documents on site and having related data automatically connect to your SAP/ERP system ensures no late payments, increases early payment discount savings, improves payment accuracy and reduces the number of staff required to process invoices. Subsequently, if a payment dispute arises, all related documents can be quickly and effectively retrieved for resolution or escalation.


I’m a bit surprised at how flexible it is and how much more quickly our documents get updated.”


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