Records Management


Information Lifecycle Governance

Corporate content continues to grow despite the amount of technology in place to manage it. Much of that data is low value duplicates, expired records and transitory documents. Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) is the practice of applying policies to efficiently manage company data, content and files. When done effectively, it will lower costs, mitigate legal and compliance risk and create value for the business.


Understand What You Have

Organizing and controlling records and information is just good business. When corporations understand what type of content they have, how it is used, where it is located and why they need to keep it, they can built a plan around how it should be managed. Having an effective ILG program in place will provide greater findability of content, mitigate compliance risk and introduce efficiencies into the day to day management of business content. RKO’s iterative methodology and templates help organizations get started on this journey and establish it as part of their day to day business and corporate culture.


Records Retention & Disposition

As you implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or embark on a program to identify and organize your content, take it to the next level. By creating retention schedules, RKO’s ILG solutions allow you to manage retention and disposition of data efficiently and in a systematic, consistent and auditable way. In the end, Records Management done efficiently,  drives reductions in the volume of content which leads to lower costs and fewer risks.



Effective archiving can significantly reduce IT spending associated with the management of content such as storage costs. RKO’s ILG solutions bring IT and business mandates together by archiving all sources of content such as email, file shares or data found on Microsoft SharePoint. No matter the source, the information is segregated based on its business value and need for accessibility. Using advanced tools from IBM, unnecessary “content debris” can be eliminated, keeping only what’s needed. Unlike stand-alone archiving tools, RKO solutions fully integrate with a central Records Retention and Disposition schedule.



Systematic, consistent and auditable are three words that permiate RKO ILG solutions. They are essential for meeting any internal or external compliance requirement. Based on IBM tools, RKO’s ILG solutions provide transparency to your stakeholders, and link policies to content through automation, integration and syndication. Systematic solutions drive consistency and provide a robust audit trail.



Legal is concerned with volumes of content. They want to see solid eDiscovery processes in place to minimize risks and reduce costs. RKO helps organizations take a proactive and strategic approach to managing discovery processes by providing tools to automate content management where possible and streamline the rest. Combined with other elements of ILG, you will be more efficient while complying with discovery timelines, deciding on case strategies and meeting other legal obligations.


Before, we had people with more than 15 years’ experience processing routine transactions. IBM Enterprise Content Management solutions alleviate representatives of these tasks so they can better present our value proposition,” says Fred Cook, North Shore Credit Union. “Our goal is to turn data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom.

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