Video: Mobile Worker Access to Critical Documentation

Field workers are often cut off from the information they need to effectively do their jobs on the road. Mobile security and access has changed the way critical documentation is accessed and submitted. Now this information is available on any mobile device, anytime, anywhere, in a secure auditable way. Watch this video learn how to:


  • Increase customer satisfaction when information is captured, processed and managed on-site
  • Increase field worker productivity by providing them the information they need when they need it at all times
  • Ensure safety and security when up to date documents can be accessed at all times in a secure environment
  • Improve credibility when field workers are able to provide customers the requested information at every stage of their interaction
  • Ensure field workers have the most up-to-date details, even if updated minutes ago
  • Scan, photograph, enter forms – nothing is too complicated for the mobile app



How is this working now? Here are a few examples…


  • Banking and financial managers can talk to clients face-to-face while still accessing a client’s portfolio, accounts and data
  • Insurance companies can speed up claims processing and increase customer loyalty by seamlessly connecting field agents to the home office
  • Field workers for government agencies and environmental companies can gather photos and data on the scene, under rugged conditions
  • Service technicians can access the appropriate work instructions once they are on-site and can see what needs to be done


If you’ve been looking for a way to increase efficiency and want to empower your team as they struggle with increasing workloads, contact us to learn more.


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