Social & Environmental Stewardship

RKO Content Management Solutions believes that social & environmental stewardship – contributing to our society regardless of size – will help to make our lives better.



In support of this belief, RKO provides for the following for its employees:

  1. RKO employees and their families will benefit from our success through a consistent and fair profit sharing program.
  2. RKO provides education, moral support, and financial support for employees to maintain mental and physical health through a well balanced life.
  3. Each RKO employee will be provided with a financial sum annually for donation to their favourite charity in the city in which they reside.

RKO is proud to support:






Every contribution to our environment will help to make our cities and homes healthier places to live for this and future generations. RKO has implemented the following environmental policies to ensure we make decisions that impact the environment favorably:

  1. When acquiring new hardware, RKO purchases the most energy efficient products available, where feasible.
  2. RKO supports and encourages home or virtual offices to minimize unnecessary commuting and transportation by automobile. Where physical commercial offices are necessary, RKO has favored close access to clean transit.
  3. All home offices are required to maintain a recycling program and conduct everyday business electronically to minimize unnecessary printing.
  4. RKO is in a unique position as a vendor of Enterprise Content Management software and services to promote the use of straight through paperless processing wherever feasible, helping to minimize the amount of energy and paper expended to conduct everyday business. All RKO employees are expected to include this as a factor for clients to consider when conducting business process analysis.


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