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RKO’s POC in a Nutshell


  • 1 laptop & external hard drive provided on-site
  • 250 GB of data from you – the messier, the better
  • RKO visits to review results with you
  • Minimal effort – only takes one day of your time
  • Minimal risk – $5,000 cost

Offer valid until September 30, 2015


Believe It.

After years of shared drive, email, SharePoint & ECM deployments – data is still a mess. It is scattered, duplicated & disorganized representing clutter and risk to your organization. We can make sense of your data with StoredIQ.
Heard it before? We need to stand above the noise, which is why we want you to try it.


Use It.

RKO will send you an external hard drive for you to copy 250GB of your messiest shared drive data and run StoredIQ. Our team comes to you to launch StoredIQ’s analysis of the external drive and subsequently to show you what StoredIQ has found. During this time we will walk you through how it works, identify data R.O.T.T. (redundant, obsolete, trivial & transient), valuable records, emails and potentially private data like credit card & SIN numbers.
Following the analysis, we will leave the computer with you for another week so that you can dig into the results and review them with key stakeholders. In our experience, the teams that see the most value from StoredIQ include: Legal, eDiscovery, Compliance, Records Management and IT. RKO will participate with any of these groups to demonstrate how they may benefit.


Visualize It.

What can you expect to see?
Advanced visualizations show what types of data are stored across your enterprise. Discover where your oldest or least used data resides. Utilize intelligent overlays to spot potential issues or identify unclassified corporate records.
Your data segmented – the R.O.T.T. separated from the records.


Understand It.

We are confident that you will find the results insightful. If you don’t see value, or choose not to purchase StoredIQ for any reason, simply complete a 5 minute survey and there is no charge for the POC. If you do see the value and want to proceed, the cost of the POC is credited towards implementation.


We had very strict policies re: credit cards but quickly learned of thousands of violations!

Contact us for a no-obligation demonstration 1.778.383.1850!


Discover how Content Insights can be streamlined for your organization!


To try StoredIQ using your content, at your office, complete the form below and an Account Manager will contact you to arrange it.



Use Cases


How has it worked for others?


Mergers & Acquisitions

A retail company has been acquiring others to fuel geographic and market growth. Due diligence and merging of companies is always accompanied by a trove of documents ranging from HR files to operational reports. This company now uses StoredIQ to uncover any skeletons in the closet before they can have a negative impact. It also helps migrate much of the content into official corporate systems so that employees across the enterprise need only go to one place to access what they need.


Privacy Governance

An insurance company needs to make sure that it complies with credit card and privacy guidelines surrounding the storing of such details. In a recent POC project the company was asked how many credit card numbers would they expect to find in network file shares. The response was “zero, it’s against policy to keep them”. Using StoredIQ the company identified thousands of violations to the policy and by implementing the product they would be able to enforce the policy in ways not previously possible.


Intellectual Property

As a competitive advantage and vital asset, a software company needed to safeguard its product source code. They had appropriate policies in place to restrict where and how employees could use it but a lack of enforcement resulted in frequent violations. Using StoredIQ the company was quickly able to identify lapses where code had been inadvertently left on local computers and subject to loss or theft. StoredIQ was able to, not just find these breaches in policy, but take action to remove the inappropriate copies and secure a key corporate asset.



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