RKO’s Strategic Consulting Team

RKO’s focus is on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and its many facets such as capture, workflow, search and records management. This combined with our 15 years of experience, makes us one of Western Canada’s premiere ECM consulting groups.
As technology agnostic consultants, our team will help establish clear plans on how to develop, implement and sustain an ECM program for your organization.
Our teams have experience in many industries and will help with the following:

• Rapid Assessments
• Implementation Strategies
• ECM & Records Program Design
• Business Process Analysis & Design
• Communications & Change Management Programs
• Governance
• ECM & Records MasterPlanning


ECM MasterPlanning

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) projects are often ignited due to the challenges of documents being scattered across file shares, email inboxes, archives and local drives. Yet silos of information persist after deploying the technology, making it difficult, frustrating or inefficient for end-users to gain value from the system.

Having observed this time and again, RKO began to distill the elements of successful implementations into a methodology we refer to as an ECM MasterPlanning.

Traditionally, organizations have looked at ECM as a project reacting to departmental demands. RKO agrees that Enterprise Content Management will inevitably consist of many deployments, fulfilling many departmental needs; however, the part that is regularly missed is the framework that ties all of these deployments together to fulfill the long-term needs of the enterprise.

The Master Plan Center is essentially a repository to store and leverage the accumulated best practice knowledge and experiences of RKO and their Client.

Not sure how to get started? Try an RKO low cost Rapid Assessment to arm you with an ECM approach, priorities, budget and information to build your business case.


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