Now that you are organized, streamlined and have elated ECM users, let us help you keep them that way! RKO designs and implements ECM governance, support and sustainment programs that add value to your SharePoint and FileNet platforms.

Platform Upgrades & Migration

RKO has extensive experience in platform upgrades and data migrations. As new software releases become available we can work with you to develop a migration plan to keep your ECM system up-to-date and fully supported.

Remote Administration

Many of our customers choose to outsource many of their IT functions including administration of their systems. RKO is pleased to offer a Remote Administration capability to help lower the cost of routine solution maintenance while ensuring the availability of your ECM environment.

Quality Assurance & Audits

We understand that you want to get the most from your information technology investments. Even the best planned process and technology deployments can benefit from a Quality Assurance analysis or Audit by an external specialist. Our experienced team of consultants can work with you to identify areas that can help you maximize your return on investment to keep your administration and IT costs under control.

Implementation Support

Post project implementation support is provided to customers for a pre-defined period after a project’s completion. RKO’s Sustainment Services handles these work requests for the pre-defined warranty period that is defined in the project’s statement of work.

Technical Support

The RKO Sustainment Services team would be pleased to work with you to design a technical support package that suits your specific needs. RKO offers a variety of services around Technical Support including but not limited to the following:

• Helpdesk
• Troubleshooting
• Answering How-to Questions
• Configuration Changes
• Enhancements
• System Monitoring


Training is an integral part of all our projects. Our team of experienced ECM professionals can develop a training program that suits your business needs which may include a number of different offerings including:

• End-user Classroom Training
• Train-the-Trainer
• One-on-one
• Skills Transfer

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