ECM Solutions to Keep the Lights On and the Water Running

Utilities need to provide services 24/7 and any outage requires immediate and decisive action to affect service restoration. In an emergency, electricity, water and sewage outages are at best an inconvenience, and at worst, life threatening. Content management plays a vital role in keeping things moving by putting critical information in the hands of those that need it during an emergency or as part of routine maintenance. ECM has a key role in helping utilities with:


  • Employee Training
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Engineering Document Control
  • Procedure Management
  • Work Instructions

Each of these areas can be managed by an ECM system but for maximum benefit the content from each area can be interwoven with existing systems and other content. For example, in one utility, training material is managed in an IBM repository linked to “live” documents so that trainees become familiar with facility procedures, MSDS and engineering documents from day one. Those same documents are contextually linked to both the maintenance management systems and the Control Room equipment so that when a pump is out of action for planned or unplanned repairs, the appropriate drawings, access instructions and start-up procedures are available instantly as a package for an employee to use for decision making or to affect repairs. Even markups made on site can be automatically linked back to key files for future reference.
By integrating these systems and eliminating the need for employees to search for critical content at critical moments, utilities are able to improve their responsiveness, ensure employee safety and ensure compliance.


I’m a bit surprised at how flexible it is and how much more quickly our documents get updated.”


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