Webinar: Advanced Case Management for the Utility & Energy Sector


Only 40% of all business processes require human interaction – and they are the most costly to address.


To stay competitive, energy and utility companies need a better way to manage Knowledge Worker tools, business processes and content. Content includes documents, drawings, emails and other data on which their businesses depend.


But if you rely on multiple isolated processes and systems in such areas as asset and contract management, transmittal management, engineering, customer service, maintenance, materials management, permit applications and regulations and auditing – it gets convoluted.


Advanced case management software integrates workflow and enterprise content management (ECM) functionality in a non-rigid way so that Knowledge Workers can more effectively take on the unpredictable daily twists and turns.


In this webinar you will learn how Advanced Case Management solutions can help you:


– Manage incidents with a 360 degree view of all information, collaboration and workflows for response and escalation

– Empower employees to make more informed decisions that reduce costs, minimize waste, increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

– Automate Management of Change (MOC) processes with or without your ERP

– Provide analytics to help manage and allocate resources

– Work smarter through better integration, enhanced collaboration and greater insight


This will help you respond more effectively to incidents such as outages, customer complaints and third-party disputes. Analytics helps providers identify root causes and prevent recurrence of problems. Regulatory and risk compliance and rate case management can address fast-changing industry regulations and prepare for rate case depositions while mitigating risk.


Join us on October 9th to learn more!


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Date: Wed, October 9th
Time: 10amPST, 1pmEST
Duration: 30 minutes


Case management is evolving — and it isn’t getting simpler. Data loads are growing. Quality expectations are rising. Budget-strapped resources challenge workers’ ability to stay effective. It all translates to the bottom line.


Advanced case management is designed to help you manage increasingly complex activities with greater ease and flexibility. This is the dynamic new way to help virtually every industry gain fresh insights, improve performance, profitability and customer service, and streamline regulatory compliance.

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